Woodfield Systems International said it is proud to announce the launch of its new API coupler, the WV400.

Based on its guiding principles of safety, quality, delivery and cost, the WV400 is the latest addition to Woodfield’s APILOAD family of products.

Designed for rigorous usage, the WV400 is built to withstand extreme working conditions. The stainless-steel outer sleeve offers long life performance, while the one-piece handle and removable pin system provides easy infield tear down when seal maintenance is required.

When paired with a Woodfield Systems APILOAD bottom loading arm, plus the ‘uni-seal’ swivel joint system, the operational performance and simple maintenance friendly features make the WV400 the coupler to rely on, it said.

The WV400 has proven its leak free functionality by successfully exceeding 180,000 real world operational cycles, and is backed by a three-year Woodfield product warranty.

Announcing the news, Woodfield said: “Congratulations to the team involved in making this possible!”

For more information visit www.woodfieldsystems.com

29th March 2021