LNG Terminal Wilhelmshaven (LTeW) is reconsidering its plans for an LNG terminal at Wilhelmshaven in Germany.

LTeW, which is a subsidiary of Uniper, invited binding expressions of interest from market participants in throughput capacities for the planned LNG terminal in September of this year.

But LTeW said not enough of the interested parties made their booking intentions binding. The final investment decision for the terminal was dependent on demand and economic viability.

As a result, the developers are now considering new options, including using the site as an import terminal for environmentally friendly gas, or using it for hydrogen imports.

Uniper project manager Oliver Giese said: “Economic uncertainties have definitely played a role in the current circumstances. Many companies don’t want to make long-term commitments at the moment. The results of the expression-of-interest procedure show that we need to revise the scope and focus of the planned terminal to ensure that it remains attractive to market players and economically predictable for LTeW and Uniper.”

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11th November 2020