Weston & Associates LLC, a specialty consultant for the liquid and dry bulk storage tank industries, has been named a Lockheed Martin 2020 Outstanding Supplier of the Year.

Lockheed Martin said: “The distinction is reserved for suppliers that deliver outstanding service, are highly-responsive to quick turn-around times and demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond customer expectations.”

It said the award recognises Weston’s contributions to Lockheed Martin Energy’s Gridstar Flow battery, which it describes as “a long-duration energy storage solution for renewables like wind and solar.”

Andrew Feucht, President of Weston & Associates, said: “We are honoured to be considered among Lockheed Martin’s top suppliers globally. This award is a direct result of the dedication of our highly-skilled engineering team and our ability to design and deliver custom-manufactured storage solutions, tailored to the needs of the renewable energy industry.”

Weston said it has worked closely with Lockheed Martin Energy’s senior engineers to perfect an electrochemical energy storage system that stores raw energy until it is ready to be converted into electricity.

The system converts chemical energy contained in redox-active compounds into electric energy through an electrochemical oxidation-reduction reverse reaction. During the process, corrosion-resistant storage tanks and liners provided by Weston safely and reliably contain the redox-active compounds.

Products supporting the GridStar Flow system include custom coated and insulated steel tanks and SUR-SEAL tank liners.

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29th September 2020