Ohio-based Weston & Associates, which is a specialty consultant for both the liquid and dry bulk storage tank industry, is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by expanding and diversifying. 

Its Sneeze Protectors are now in use at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, who have created protective shields for the retail counters at more than 20 locations. Since then, regional Goodwill directors in the Toledo-area and in Texas have made similar requests. 

Weston also has an order from the Legends Golf Course in Massillon for 100+ protectors for its fleet of golf carts. The protectors will allow golf courses to accommodate more than one guest per cart. The sales team is working on getting installations in casinos as well.    

Prior to the pandemic, Specialty Products by Weston had introduced Sur-Seal liners, a unique drop-in liner that protects tanks, pits, sumps and other containment areas from corrosion from the inside out. Each liner is custom-designed and manufactured in Navarre, Ohio, using high-performing, non-conductive polymers.

Sur-Seal Liners can be manufactured for all tank configurations, including traditional cylindrical tanks and square tanks. A pair of Sur-Seal Liners are currently being installed at an Alabama wastewater treatment facility to ensure uninterrupted wastewater management for the local community while lengthening the life of the facility’s existing tanks. 

This is especially important right now with the COVID-19 crisis because 1.) COVID-19 limits new capital investments for new tanks and 2.) COVID-19 makes essential services like wastewater treatment more important than ever.  

Additionally, global oil storage capacity will be reached very soon. Weston is playing a role in increasing global storage capacity for crude oil with its Sur-Seal Liner and storage tank offerings.

For more information visit westonandassociates.com

12th May 2020