At its technical forum, India’s premier oil and gas producer awarded Wanner International the ‘Reliability Enhancement Technology of the Year’ award for its Hydra-Cell® G35 pump.

The oil and gas giant operate the largest producing oil field in the Indian private sector, contributing 25 per cent to India’s domestic crude oil production. Each year, their production sites and technical teams present their new technologies and best practices for new projects implemented.

Having used Wanner International products for gas processing since 2004 and bought over 15 pumps for transferring MEG (mono-ethylene glycol) and TEG (triethylene glycol) on various lines in one of its oil field onshore terminals. The Hydra-Cell® G35 pump was installed at a gas terminal for Hydrocarbon Condensate Transfer because of its unique ability to handle hydrocarbon and condensate so easily and with minimal maintenance requirements.  

Prior to this, the company were using a large reciprocating pump with five pump heads and pulsation dampeners that required frequent stopping and starting and demanded a high level of maintenance and support.  

However, Hydra-Cell® G35 with its unique seal-less pump design is a fraction of the size and typically delivers 20 + years of service, designed to lower the total cost of ownership with its performance reliability and minimal maintenance. 

Key attributes highlighted by the company to its technical forum included the pump’s compact and seal-less design enabling 100 per cent containment, the ability to handle both abrasive and aggressive liquids, pulseless flow for accurate metering and its ability to even run dry, indefinitely.

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14th November 2019