VTTI and Energia Naturalis Holding (ENNA) have signed an agreement for the purchase by VTTI of 70 percent of Adriatic Tank Terminal (ATT) in the Port of Ploce, Croatia.
VTTI and ENNA will jointly expand and operate the newly built terminal at the deepwater port on the Adriatic coast. VTTI will manage the newly-completed tankage for clean petroleum products (CPP), and construct and operate further tank capacity alongside a significant new LPG storage capability.
Phase 1 of ATT is already constructed. In September 2016, the terminal completed the construction of 50,000 cbm capacity for clean petroleum products. Phase 2 will deliver over 200,000 cbm of petroleum storage, as well as up to 60,000 cbm of LPG storage; this will be the largest new LPG storage project in the heart of the Adriatic. In the future, additional space will allow the option of a Phase 3 project for further storage of minimum 100,000 cbm of petroleum products.
The terminal will play an important strategic role in strengthening the region’s security of energy supply. It will also complement the location and deep water of Port of Ploce, with significant extra storage capacity for CPP and LPG.
Rob Nijst, VTTI’s CEO, said: “VTTI is very pleased to enter the Adriatic market, supported by our JV partner. The facility will enable the region’s energy trade by developing a safe and efficient terminal facility. The growth of the city of Ploce and the region will gather even more speed in the near future, and we are there to support it.”

2nd November 2016