The largest crude storage tank in Australia, capable of storing 100 million litre has been opened by Viva Energy Australia at its Geelong Refinery.

Viva Energy’s General Manager of Refining, Thys Heyns, said the AUD$50m crude oil tank project was a significant growth investment for the refinery that will not only increase its production capabilities, but also improve fuel supply security for Victoria.

He said: “This is momentous day for the refinery, the Geelong community and Victoria. This tank increases our crude storage capacity by 40%, and in fact can hold enough crude oil to produce all the fuel required to meet Victoria’s needs for about three days.

“In addition to the tank, we’ve invested millions in other infrastructure projects such as the $23 million pumping station which increases the amount of fuel transported by pipeline to Melbourne by 25% and a $4 million upgrade to our jet fuel gantry to improve supply to Melbourne and Avalon airports.

“I’m also delighted to announce that we have received board approval to build a $15 million bitumen export facility, a $23 million, 25 million litre gasoline tank to increase our fuel storage at the refinery, and a $7 million revamp of our crude distillation unit furnace. All of these projects further demonstrate our commitment to build a sustainable business in Geelong and support our customers in Victoria.”

The Hon Richard Marles commented that that the tank’s size was symbolic of Viva Energy’s investment in local manufacturing in Geelong during the past three years.

“Viva Energy’s $300 million investment into the Geelong Refinery during the past three years represents a significant investment in traditional manufacturing across the region. With a workforce of around 700 at the refinery this is great news for regional Victorian jobs and workers,” he said.

The new tank stands 21 metres high, has a diameter of 84 metres and can hold up to 100 million litres of crude oil, the equivalent of 40 Olympic swimming pools.

The tank can hold about 15 day’s production from the Bass Strait (Gippsland) oil fields and enough crude oil to produce the fuel requirements for the refinery’s customers who pick up their fuel from our tanker gantry for about 30 days.

It used about 4,000 tonnes of steel in its construction and approximately 120 people working 250,000 hours to complete.

AUD$23 million fuel pumping station. The station increases the amount of fuel that can be transferred from Geelong Refinery via pipeline to Melbourne by more than 25%, which is equivalent to 100 trucks per day.

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4th Dec 2017

4th December 2017