Viva Energy Australia has announced plans which, if implemented, it said “could diversify and strengthen our Geelong Refinery operations to ensure we will continue to be an important part of the Geelong community and Victoria’s energy future.”

It said it is “exploring a number of potential projects to allow us to expand into new areas of energy supply and production to enhance supply to south east Australia, and support the transition to new energies.”

CEO Scott Wyatt said: “Our early focus is on the development of an LNG supply and storage facility to bring natural gas from production fields in other parts of Australia, or further afield, to where it is needed in Victoria and south east Australia.”

“We are also assessing the feasibility to establish a solar energy farm on the refinery buffer land, support the development of strategic oil stocks, and support the developing hydrogen industry.”

In addition, he said it will be commencing its major maintenance programme in early July under a revised structure, “in response to the impacts of COVID-19.”

In conclusion the company said: “We are proud of our 65 year history in Geelong and are excited about our future.”

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17th June 2020