AquaSmartXL provides harbour inspection and surveying services based on unmanned aquatic drone technology. Our small- to medium-sized vessels are able to inspect and observe assets as well as their surrounding environment on a regular basis and at locations where conventional technologies cannot be applied — either because these technologies are too dangerous, too expensive or simply not practical to use.

With our Aquatic Drone we specialize in creating an accurate and complete as-is model or virtual twin of water based assets. By combining multiple datasets including 3D modeling, 360 degree visualisation and full imaging we offer an effective tool to assist predictive maintenance and asset lifecycle management. Our inspections are repeatable and therefore changes over time can be monitored.

The AquaDrone platform of AquaSmartXL in a nutshell:

  • Versatile, multi-purpose aquatic drone system providing an extensible and customisable platform for mounting various sensors and imaging systems such as visual, 3D, 360 degree and infrared.
  • Reliable small- to medium-sized crafts operating day and night, either semi-autonomously or via remote control
  • Robust data processing chain covering acquisition, network communication, storage, processing, integration, visualisation and distribution
  • Electrical propulsion mechanism and durable material design ensure a sustainable and environment-friendly, zero emission data acquisition solutionOur unique selling points and added value:
  • Unique flexibility for maneuvering in difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas above or just below the water surface
  • Performing inspections more frequently without the need to hire patrol vessels
  • Pro-active attitude towards unforeseeable hazardous situations and the ability to perform asset maintenance cycles on an as-needed basis
  • Eliminating threats from blind spots which are not reachable with today’s surveying and inspection systems
  • Quick and easy to deploy system that will reduce down-time of assets to days instead of weeks
  • Eliminating the need to send people to work in dangerous environments
  • We deliver a basis for Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Repeatable measurements and modelling allows for tracking changes over time

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15th April 2019