ChemLine® is a high performance coating with superior chemical resistance and high temperature resistance for application with Plural Component equipment. Ideal for protecting tanks, vessels, secondary containment, chemical plant floors, etc.

Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) based in Avon, Ohio, USA, is a world leader in developing specialty coatings — MarineLine®, and ChemLine® — for high performance applications. These coatings protect against damage from corrosion and chemical attack, and provide safe storage and transport of chemicals and products whether on land or sea.

ChemLine® covers a family of industrial coatings used for over-the-road and rail transportation, tank (ISO) containers, tank storage and terminals, and equipment protection at chemical processing, petroleum & refining, and power generation facilities, and concrete and secondary containment protection.

APC’s range of unique coatings are 90% to 100% solids with extremely low VOCs. The technology is based on a cross-linked organic-inorganic polymer that far surpassed the corrosive deficiencies of conventional protective coatings and linings such as vinylesters, epoxies, rubbers, and phenolics, and also stainless steel. The coating system significantly improves anti-corrosion resistance and maintains product purity.

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22nd August 2018