Systems Navigator said it has supported Vesta Terminal Antwerp (VTA) in finding the best waterside configuration to secure logistical flexibility for its customers.

The first phase of the VTA expansion consists of five new tanks (30,000m3 capacity each), which are partly replacing existing older tanks. The new tanks can be used to store jet fuel, (bio) diesel and hydrotreated vegetable oil.

Since jet fuel is a new product to store at VTA, Systems Navigator has provided insights into the expected jet fuel logistics in terms of fleet mix, parcel size and flow rates.

Systems Navigator also assisted by identifying the impact of waterfront expansions, in combination with the construction of new tank pits and the corresponding increase in throughput.

Michiel Flier, managing director of Vesta Terminal Antwerp, said: “For our upcoming expansion of storage capacity, and new quay wall, Systems Navigator supports us in assessing the impact of this new infrastructure.

“Simulation of different scenarios gives us more insight into expected jetty occupancy, throughput potential and further expansions or improvements to our waterfront infrastructure. This study, therefore, supports our decision-making and helps us to improve our service level to customers.”

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4th November 2020