Verwater SJR said: “Recently we scored another great project with one of our clients: the construction of a new sewer tank (⌀ 34.1m and 17m high).”

During this project, Verwater SJR will act as the main contractor for all the work to be executed.

The scope of work consists of detail engineering, civil works including the construction of a new tank foundation with leak detection system, tank construction, coating works, the installation of a GRE internal floating roof, aluminium dome and the installation of a GRE firefighting system.

Verwater said: “Because Verwater SJR already has a lot of experience with the Total Tank Maintenance concept and because we are a strong partner in the field of tank construction, we are used to unburdening our customers by coordinating all disciplines and integrating them into HSE friendly, quality plans.”

It added: “Because Verwater SJR also has various disciplines in-house (such as engineering, tank construction, civil, piping, conservation and EI&A), we are able to properly assess the execution of work. When building this tank, Verwater mainly works with its own disciplines, so there are minimal interferences for our clients.”

Talking of the latest award, it said: “It makes us proud that the customer gave us the trust to build them another fine tank.”

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12th February 2021