VARO Energy and Global Petro Storage Group (GPS) have announced a “further strengthening” of their existing strategic partnership.

An announcement said: “The formal beginning of the construction of a new railway line and ethanol storage tanks, at the Port of Amsterdam, represents the expansion of the companies’ contractual relationship.”

GPS will develop a rail handing system as well as dedicated ethanol storage for VARO. The expansion follows GPS-A having commissioned c.134 thousand m3 of Class 1 storage for VARO in December 2019.

The new railway line and ethanol storage tanks are set to connect to 17 Class 1 tanks in the Port of Amsterdam, the world’s largest trading and blending hub for gasoline and its components.

VARO said: “The rail system will unlock important trading opportunities and a more environmentally friendly logistics alternative.”

It added: “This investment is the next step in GPS’s strategic partnership with VARO. VARO, on the other hand, will support GPS in maximising opportunities across its markets and will continue to play a vital role in the logistics provider’s ambitious expansion plans.”

Eric Arnold, CEO at GPS, said: “This is an important investment that will open up a whole range of new possibilities to support both our client’s and our own further expansion plans, especially in the important focus area of ESG, where we aim to continue to identify more environmentally friendly logistics alternatives for our clients and sustainable business cases in growth segments such as biofuels and gases.”

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12th November 2020