UTV, the German independent tank storage association, has announced it has enlarged its service and product portfolio. Moving forward, members will be able to take advantage of a web-based e-learning tool for the qualification and training of tank farm operators.

It said in the announcement that the learning platform “includes a huge variety of different modules which cover knowledge and learning material for the areas safety, operational processes, product knowledge, technical components and terminal organisation.”

Dutch tank terminal association Votob has helped set up the new platform, as Votob has now successfully operated the Votob Academy for over two years. 

Votob Academy has developed modules tailor made for the tank storage industry – they are currently available in Dutch. The modules will now be adjusted for German users and adapted to comply with the German regulatory framework.

UTV said it is in the process of preparing a project concept in cooperation with Votob Academy, which will be submitted to members in June 2020. UTV then expects to start the realisation phase in the second half of this year, with the aim of implementing the learning platform in Q1, 2021.

For more information visit www.tanklagerverband.de

14th May 2020