United Electric (UE) said all its smart electronic switches now contain patented self-diagnostic software (IAW).

This is helpful to operators, it said, as the IAW algorithm “continuously self-checks the device and system for abnormalities, ensuring safe operation of processes and personnel safety.”

UE’s One Series electronic pressure and temperature transmitter-switches have a fully adjustable set point and deadband and 0.1% repeatability – and perform in a wide variety of applications.

Available in Type 4X enclosures approved for intrinsic safety, flameproof and non-incendive area classifications, the hybrid transmitter-switches are designed to provide transmitter, switch and gauge functions, all in a single “rugged enclosure” that it said can withstand the rigours of harsh and hazardous environments.

Each One Series model incorporates intelligent self-diagnostics and can report detected faults before they become major safety issues – and Plug Port Detection protects against sensor clogging.

Furthermore, it said nuisance trip filtering reduces false and spurious signals. The One Series also has the ability to capture pressure spikes and valleys – and provides process information to aid in the commissioning and debugging process.

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2nd October 2020