Waste water facilities and commercial farms are increasing the use of digesters to produce gas to fire power plants. Often these create challenges when monitoring leaks, especially when canvas covers are used.

The Vanguard™ wireless gas detector from United Electric is designed to provide “an ideal solution” to properly monitor for methane and H2S leaks from storage or processes.

As a fixed point gas detector, with what UE describes as “fast and affordable” deployment, five year battery life, and simple integration in WirelessHART® networks, the Vanguard wireless gas detector was designed to meet changing needs in smart gas detection coverage.

It said: “Install where traditional wired detectors cannot reach due to limitations in infrastructure, or fill in gaps in plants as a part of management of change procedures. The Vanguard wireless gas detector can also reduce engineering complexity, accelerate installation time, and significantly reduce total installation costs when compared to traditional wired systems.”

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1st October 2020