“We are in uncharted territory for energy, oil & gas, and infrastructure industries,” said engineering specialists Matrix PDM Engineering in an online statement that said:

It added: “The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and depressed energy prices have combined to create an economic shock to the global economy. The headlines appear dire, but if you’ve operated in these industries for long, you’ve weathered more than one expansion and contraction cycle.”

It said ‘smart’ business leaders use these downturns to their advantage. Strategic decision making can prime their organisations for growth now and once demand increases. These companies go on to outperform their peers. Their owners and operators adapt to challenging circumstances and come through lean seasons with stronger returns than before.

But by way of advice it said: “It’s not just blind luck. After following nearly 5,000 public companies, research from Harvard Business Review shows these organisations learn to stretch their operational expenditures (OPEX). In short, these companies reduce costs by selectively focusing on operational efficiency.”

As to how it can help this process, it advised “stretching your OPEX dollar through automation”. 

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) maintenance or upgrades can maximise plant operations in nearly every industry. Improvements to DCS, Process Control Systems (PCS) and other production systems can open the door to a host of benefits. These enhancements can make your existing equipment more efficient, provide additional and more accurate manufacturing data, create new product offerings or maximise manufacturing/ operational capacity. Matrix PDM automation engineers are supporting clients by working remotely and optimising their operations to maximise the value of their OPEX dollar.

Beyond that, it recommenced “fine tuning operations to maximise OPEX, maximising OPEX dollars with asset integrity maintenance, adjusting throughput to match demand and minimise utility consumption, and increasing storage capacity to maximise OPEX.”

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18th May 2020