UM Storage has changed its name to UM Terminals, rebranded and launched a new company website. It has also put in place a strategic growth plan “to build on the substantial investment the business has made into upgrading its facilities and operations”.

UM Terminals operates out of eight terminals in the U.K., handling over 40 different products. It currently has a capacity of over 300,000 cubic metres of bulk liquid storage, but the plan is to grow this to over 400,000 cubic metres.

Product solutions include vegetable oils, industrial, food and feed, chemical, fertiliser, fuels, biofuels and base oils.

UM Terminals is headquartered in Liverpool and employs 63 staff. It is a key part of the UM Group which has a distinguished history stretching back almost 100 years.

The new strategic growth plan includes three main elements:

  • Maximising its U.K. capability which may include expanding existing terminals or building new ones subject to demand.
  • Harnessing the assets of the wider UM Group which has a network of facilities in Europe and other parts of the world storing molasses but which could be used to store other products to meet the needs of existing and new UM Terminals’ customers.
  • Looking for acquisition targets that would be a good fit with the UM Terminals business.


The company said it has been working “round the clock” during the coronavirus crisis, to meet the urgent needs of its customers. This included partnering with INEOS to create a hand sanitiser product to meet consumer demand during the pandemic.

Bryan Davies, UM Terminals’ Managing Director, said: “While we are hugely proud of our history, we want to ensure that we still have a successful business in 50- or 100-years’ time.

“The new strategic growth plan offers an exciting future for UM Terminals with its three core elements of maximising our footprint at our existing U.K. terminals, looking at ways to harness Group assets in Europe and elsewhere and looking for the right acquisition opportunities.”

He added: “Alongside this, we will continue to invest year-on-year in our facilities ensuring they provide our customers with flexible and innovative bulk liquid storage solutions underpinned by the highest quality, health and safety and environmental standards.”

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16th September 2020