Gulf Petrochem has selected Ergil StorageTech to provide a substantial number of internal floating roofs for its Pipavav Project in India. Ergil is providing 16 pontoon type internal floating roofs for the terminal project, whi9ch is based in the Gujarat region of North West India.


As a designer, builder and installer of storage tanks to the petroleum and chemical industries, Ergil has expended much effort on the cause of reducing tank storage losses since 1996. In addition to building fixed roof storage tanks, it manufactures full-contact type internal floating roofs, pontoon type internal floating roofs, and carbon steel external floating roofs, as well as a range of external and internal floating roof seals, weather seals and a rim-seal firefighting system, an essential safety feature.


The pontoon type internal floating roofs comply with API 650 standards and are said to be the most economical type of floating roofs in the market. Pontoon type IFRs comprise a series of capped hollow tubular pontoons connected to a grid of beams and top-sheet of aluminium tread plate. The design permits a vapour space between the floats and the underside of the plate.



11th January 2015