TWTG said: “In an effort to better serve our customers, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our NEON product line. Starting with the development of a lubrication sensor and a pressure sensor. We are proud to expand our industrial IOT portfolio.”

TWTG, which specialises in I-IOT (industrial internet of things), said it configures its solutions with desired tailored features, “to dial in even more security and less risk”.

From closely packed industrial terminals to the wide landscape of parcel logistics, the technologies TWTG uses “deliver performance as never before possible”.

It said all its solutions work globally, are built to last, “and redefine solutions for both existing and new problems”.

The scalability of solutions is at the forefront of all its thinking, from product, hardware, and software design, to connectivity and implementation, also including retrofitting of existing infrastructure and business models.

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29th July 2020