TransCanada has placed the Eastern Build of the WB XPress (WBX) into service, completing the final phase of a critical natural gas infrastructure project that provides Appalachian producers with access to Mid-Atlantic markets.

The Eastern Build of WBX spans various counties in West Virginia and Virginia and is designed to move approximately 0.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf/d) of natural gas per day. The build also included construction of the Chantilly Compressor station in Chantilly, Virginia, along with associated pipeline and facilities.

Last month, WBX’s Western Build was placed into service. In total, WBX is an approximate $900m investment, upgrading and enhancing an existing TransCanada pipeline system that has been safely serving customers for over 60 years. The project includes two new compressor stations, 30 miles (48 km) of pipeline looping and modifications to seven existing compressor stations, allowing an additional 1.3 Bcf/d of natural gas to flow. The project is part of TransCanada’s $36bn portfolio of commercially secured projects underway for completion through 2023.

Stanley Chapman III, Executive Vice President & President, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines, commented: “WBX is a significant piece of a transformational expansion period for our U.S. gas business, one in which we are placing more than $7bn of capital investments into service.”

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19th November 2018

19th November 2018