Polskie LNG has appointed Tractebel to provide technical consulting services within the LNG Terminal Expansion Program.

Tractebel’s main task is to support the investor in defining the detailed scope of work related with the expansion of the plant and to provide technical assistance in the tender procedure for the expansion of the LNG Terminal. The consultant’s scope of duties includes the development of technical documentation for the selection of the General Contractor for the Terminal Expansion Program, i.e. the construction of the second jetty, the third process storage tank and the LNG-to-rail reloading installation together with a railway siding.

“Tractebel’s main assets are the experts employed in 33 countries offices around the world having impressive experience in advising on energy projects” said Paweł Jakubowski, CEO at Polskie LNG.

Experts working at a consortium led by a Belgian company are developing baseline project documentation (the so-called Preliminary Front-End Engineering Design) in collaboration with the Polskie LNG team. The documents will serve as a reference for establishing the scope of work to be delivered by the EPC contractor (contractor in charge of engineering, procurement and construction).

All documentation as well as construction and assembly work under the expansion program will be developed and performed in compliance with applicable provisions of Polish law and European standards in force.

“It is also worth noting that the technical consultant will be obliged to consider the need to ensure uninterrupted operations of the Terminal throughout the entire course of the Expansion Program implementation,” emphasised Paweł Jakubowski.

“Polskie LNG is one of the major players in the LNG sector in Europe. As Engineering & Consultancy Company in LNG, working with key players in the world is essential for Tractebel’s sustainability. It gives us also the opportunity to share experience and good practices between two experimented stakeholders of the LNG in Europe. LNG Terminal Expansion Program is of a great importance for Tractebel as it concerns one of the busiest LNG terminals in Europe and represents therefore a technological challenge similar to those which built up our international reputation,” said Christian Zech, Project Manager at Tractebel.

For more information visit en.polskielng.pl

26th April 2019