Total Solar Distributed Generation has announced it will finance, build and operate a rooftop solar power system at Singapore LNG Terminal on Jurong Island.

The solar power project is part of Singapore LNG’s (SLNG’s) Green Strategy to reduce its environmental impact. The new 600 kilowatt peak (kWp) system is expected to generate about 800 MWh of electricity, avoiding an estimated 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Tan Soo Koong, CEO of SLNG, said: “SLNG is committed to doing its part to help fight climate change and promote environmental sustainability; and the use of solar energy at our terminal is just a modest first step.

“We are also actively exploring ways to catalyse the use of LNG and other green energy alternatives. For one, we are looking into collaborations to develop new infrastructure in Singapore to promote the use of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel. For another, we are working with various partners to develop technologies related to the importation, transportation and storage of hydrogen.”

Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar DG Southeast Asia added the company is “proud” to have been selected by SLNG. He said Total Solar DG has “unique experience” in installing solar projects in complex, high-risk environments through Total Group’s 100 years of operating energy assets.

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17th September 2020