Toptech Systems has announced its first TMS7 installation was completed with NuStar Energy LP. It said: “This successful install was completely remote and enables the customer to take advantage of the numerous new features and efficiencies included in TMS7.”

TMS7 is the newest terminal automation system on the market and includes several major improvements over traditional terminal automation systems, Toptech said, including improved productivity, flexibility, and security.

Prior to the install, Toptech and NuStar participated in mock cutovers in a lab to simulate real-life scenarios, so the actual install was “a very smooth, simple repeat of the runbook”.

It said this TMS7 install went exactly as planned and was completed in just under two hours, with no unexpected downtime.

Most of that time was spent validating business processes and testing interfaces (ie. TDS, TABS, and the host system) to confirm it was successful. It said this project highlighted the strength, with close customer partnership, of fully remote upgrades.

One NuStar employee said: “With COVID-19 forcing it to be a remote install, this shows how simple TMS7 is to deploy and support.”

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23rd September 2020