Titan LNG have announced the development tender of a new LNG bunkering barge. The Titan Krios will supply Zeebrugge and the English Channel ports, increasing the accessibility of LNG as a marine fuel.

The new vessel, designed by HB Hunte Engineering, will operate with multiple tanks to segregate streams of LNG and bio-LNG – the sustainable carbon-neutral fuel produced from biological waste streams – allowing operators and owners to decarbonise operations and comply with emission reduction regulations.

The first delivery is expected to be fulfilled in 2023, equipped with all facilities to enable fast, flexible and reliable LNG supply.

Michael Schapp, Titan LNG’s commercial director, marine, said: “As demand for LNG and, increasingly, bio-LNG accelerates, ensuring the right infrastructure and supply is in place for our customers is essential. LNG is the only fuel source available today which offers immediate and long-term benefits to reducing GHG emissions, and a clear pathway to achieving decarbonisation targets.”

For more information visit titan-lng.com

4th May 2021