The CLH Group has said it is “developing initiatives to reinforce digitalisation and the efficiency of its services”.

As part of this drive, it has invested around €23 million in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects over the last three years, aimed at reinforcing digitalisation and automation at its facilities, improving operational processes to favour resource optimisation and increasing operational safety and sustainability.

These continued RDI efforts have also enabled the company to maximise efficiency across all operations and to maintain service prices year after year, it said. “Moreover, the CLH Group continues to work on streamlining and improving the efficiency of its internal processes by applying LEAN and 6-SIGMA methodologies, among others.”

The CLH Group recently launched the ONE Programme, an ambitious initiative that enables the renewal of computer systems and simplification of the main processes of the companies in the group, to increase their efficiency.

The system defines a unique functioning model for the whole group, taking into account the specific features of each country in legal, accounting and tax matters, in addition to establishing new roles aimed at clearly defining the competences of each company in the main management areas and improving coordination within the group.

In addition, CLH has redesigned the integrated management of its assets, incorporating predictive maintenance criteria and asset health strategies based on criticality analysis and Big Data. This new maintenance strategy optimises asset lifecycle, as it analyses and defines predictive models, and enables a more efficient maintenance that is aligned with actual needs.

The company has also implemented a system that minimises the risks of overfilling during the road tanker loading process, as well as errors in the selection of tanker compartments or the failure to perform the purging process prior to loading, thus improving process safety.

Elsewhere, the company is finalising the design of a new digital delivery note system, which will allow road tanker drivers to download the documentation of the loading operations to a mobile device, thus increasing the efficiency of the operations and the service quality.

It said: “This new digital delivery note and documentation system will significantly reduce the time needed to access information and to communicate with third parties and it will increase the security of the process, as well as being available at any time.”

CLH has also launched an innovative initiative called HUB Digital aimed at implementing the most advanced tools and work methodologies to facilitate the adaptation of the company to the future.

As part of this initiative, analyses are being performed on the detection of leaks through facility display screens, modernisation of the tablets used by Aviación in into-plane fuelling operations, surveillance of the pipeline route with satellite technology, evolution of the current mobile devices used for facility maintenance or the application of AI in demand forecast, in transfers of products between tanks and in facility management.

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27th August 2020