TGE Gas Engineering GmbH has announced the signing of a new EPC contract with Flogas Britain Ltd. for the conversion of the former National Grid Avonmouth LNG terminal, into an LPG terminal.

The Avonmouth Liquefied Gas Storage site was originally designed and built as a bulk LNG production and storage facility to ensure security of supply with peak shaving capability to the UK’s natural gas national grid. TGE will now convert the plant from an LNG facility to an LPG facility, where LPG will be stored in the existing atmospheric storage tanks.

The upgrade conversion works include a new buffer storage, send-out and transfer system, additional road tanker loading and off-loading facilities, ship off-loading facilities and all associated equipment and utility systems.

Having been engaged to deliver the process along with FEED studies during the project development, TGE said it is “delighted” that the relationship with Flogas will now continue into the EPC execution phase. The project is scheduled for takeover into full commercial operations by May 2022.

TGE CEO Thomas Wehrheim said: “This new contract is a further milestone in respect of our efficient business development process.”

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3rd July 2020