TEPSA’s Board of Directors has named Nuria Blasco the company’s new General Manager. She has taken over from Luis Sala. Nuria Blasco has extensive experience in the company, and for the past few years has been doing great work as the Director of TEPSA’s Tarragona terminal. 

Since April, Nuria Blasco has been at the helm of one of the sector’s leading companies, accepting new, motivating challenges, and increasing the prestige that its previous General Manager, Luis Sala, gained for the company.  

For TEPSA, values like flexibility and innovation have been, and will always be, the cornerstone around which each of the company’s operations centre. Nuria Blasco has worked tirelessly for 20 years to achieve this objective, forming a team, growing, and continuously improving, together with Luis Sala, who has been preparing the way for her to assume the leadership role as the company’s Managing Director. 

TEPSA is a pioneering independent company involved in the reception, storage and forwarding of bulk liquids, wholly owned by the French group PETROFRANCE. We currently have 900,000 cbm dedicated to petroleum products, chemicals, biocombustibles and foodstuffs, spread across our four terminals, located in the main ports on the Iberian Peninsula: Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona and Valencia.

For more information, visit: www.tepsa.es

1th May 2018

16th May 2018