TECS Netherlands B.V. has been brought on board to carry out the front end engineering and design work (FEED) for a new terminal being constructed in the Bahamas by OBAN Energies. 

The terminal will provide storage for crude oils, residual fuel oils, middle and light distillates, specialty vegetable oils and heavy oils, and will consider all other bulk liquid storage requests. It will launch with an initial capacity of four million barrels, with plans to expand capacity to 20 million barrels by its fourth year of operation. 

TECS will ensure the terminal is designed, constructed and operated in compliance with the strictest international environmental and safety standards. The preliminary engineering contract covers the entire terminal engineering scope, from VLCC-jetty and piping to inland support vessel harbour, storage tanks, terminal lay-out and all auxiliary facilities such as water- and waste water facilities, vapour treatment and power generation. 

OBAN Energies is an independently owned energy company, whose mission is to provide high quality technologically innovative service to our customers and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. A top priority of Oban Energies is to deliver the highest environmental and marine standards, while delivering a superior customer experience through operational excellence that provides safe, consistent and reliable performance, with the highest integrity. 

TECS is a full service company specialised in engineering support, construction, services and supplies for the international tank storage industry. TECS principals have over 30 years’ experience and have been involved with some of the most innovative projects and developments in the storage tank industry. 

For more information visit www.obanenergies.com and www.tecs-nl.com

4th Dec 2017

4th December 2017