Tecam has won the Environmental Performance category at the Tank Storage Awards 2020 for its reduction of pollutant emissions. The environmental technology company for emissions treatment and waste valorization triumphed against eleven other companies in the section. 

Tecam said in a statement that it has “been recognised for reducing the emissions generated during gas venting in the hydrocarbon tank storage sector. Thanks to the work of Tecam’s engineers and technical staff, 99.9 per cent of the pollutant emissions were reduced at Koole’s terminal in the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.”

It added that during its first operational year, the equipment installed at Rotterdam has avoided the emission of more than 693 tonnes of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere. 

The awards ceremony, which (aptly) took place in Rotterdam on March 10, as part of the StocExpo 2020 exhibition, was attended by Bernat Sala, CEO of Tecam; José M. Zaragoza, Project Division Director, as well as Carles Cruz as Project Manager of the company. 

There, Bernat Sala reaffirmed Tecam’s commitment: “We will continue working for a more sustainable and efficient industry”.

For more information visit www.tecamgroup.com

12th March 2020