Koole Tankstorage Pernis (KTP) is located in the Port of Rotterdam and stores multiple products, such as vegetable oils & fats, oleo-chemicals, base oils, waxes, biodiesel and easy chemicals.

In order to be able to provide customers the best possible service in the future, without making any concessions to the existing operational flexibility, KTP is investigating multiple investment scenarios.

With this in mind, Systems Navigator was asked to simulate and analyse the effects of every scenario on foreseen terminal performance.

The project resulted in a thorough understanding of all investment scenarios, with a focus on various KPI’s, such as waiting times and berth occupancy. Systems Navigator said it is “proud” it helped KTP in selecting an investment plan that prepares the terminal to handle future logistical challenges.

Gregory Slob, optimisation manager at KTP, called the system “a cutting-edge tool for supporting our future investment decisions”.

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25th February 2021