A new partnership between ROCSOLE and SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions takes aim at helping upstream and downstream oil & gas companies to improve control and performance of electrostatic coalescers, optimising OPEX, minimising downtime, and protecting assets installed downstream of desalter operations.

The two companies have teamed up to develop a new Smart Desalter Controller, a digital monitoring solution which combines SUEZ’s design & build, process and operation expertise with ROCSOLE’s proprietary profiler, software, and data analysis capabilities.

The goal is to help improve operations of companies in the oil and gas sector by solving the dynamic challenges of desalter operations.

“We are excited about teaming up with SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions to jointly work on solving critical production issues, we can together bring value to operators to improve the overall efficiency” said Mika Tienhaara, chief executive officer at ROCSOLE.

The profiler solution selected by SUEZ is an instrument developed by ROCSOLE which enables the accurate measurement and control of the distribution of the fluids – water, oil, gas, emulsion, sand, sludge – in a desalter in real-time.

This high-performance sensor, which does not require any additional calibration after start-up, can locate and monitor emulsion layers, analyse dispersion bands such as water cut, detect solids, and detect interfaces. High quality desalter insights allow operators to control the impact of any operating parameter and to fine-tune the asset and its chemical programme in real time and prevent unplanned downtime.

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26th April 2021