Stolthaven Terminals and Systems Navigator have further improved the Generic Oil Model (GOM) infrastructure logic for complex chemical terminal infrastructure.

Stolthaven Terminals in Rotterdam cooperated with Systems Navigator to support a terminal within its portfolio with their strategic decision regarding the jetty line layout.

To quantify the impact of terminal improvement initiatives, a simulation model configuration with product-to-product changeover logic, cleaning durations and data driven usage of multiple lines for a parcel transfer is included in Systems Navigator’s extensive model library.

Because of the business need to always improve turnaround times of ships and the condition to maintain the high-quality standards regarding preventing product contamination, the terminal is evaluating the investment in new jetty lines.

Next to improved pre and/or post pump durations, faster turnaround times can be achieved by faster pumping or by parallel (un)loading operations. When multiple jetty lines can be used to transfer a parcel, the flow rates increase. Therefore, increasing the amount of parcels transfers using multiple jetty line simultaneously is a key part of reducing ship’s turnaround times.

The simulation project was done to evaluate the best jetty line configuration, product allocation to lines and to calculate the expected achieved flow rates and number of product-to-product changeovers.

“Stolthaven makes significant investments in continuous upgrades of our infrastructure. Working with Systems Navigator has helped us to better prioritize our investments and quantify the impact of decisions on our service levels,” said Bas Verheul, global asset management director, Stolthaven Terminals.

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13th January 2021