In an update entitled, “A personal message to all our stakeholders from CEO, Niels G. Stolt-Nielsen”, Stolt-Nielsen, the global company devoted to transportation and storage of specialty chemicals and other bulk liquids, responded to the Black Lives Matter movement that is making headlines all over the world. 

Stolt-Nielsen said: “During the past week I have taken time to reflect on the shocking images of police brutality and the subsequent outcry around the globe. Discrimination in any form is wholly unacceptable to me and I believe that to remain silent is to be complicit.”

He added: “Our company culture has always been rooted in the way we treat each other. We promote a diverse, inclusive and safe environment and our Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that we recruit and develop employees who are best-suited to the requirements of the job.” 

But he also said: “On reflection, there is more that I could have done, more that we can all do. Change won’t happen overnight, but I am committed to promote further diversification and inclusiveness. I will ensure that we follow up on what we say we will do. Being actively anti-racist and anti-discriminatory is the only way forward.”

Stolt-Nielsen will do this by:

– encouraging people to share their ideas and experiences

– listening and respecting the views of others

– supporting actions that might help to make a difference

– understanding its own unconscious biases

– continuing to recruit and promote talent – wherever it finds it

He concluded: “We have a duty to our customers, employees and communities to speak up and take action. I want to help create a world that celebrates our differences rather than excludes people because of them. I hope you will join me.”

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10th June 2020