Belgian gas transmission and LNG terminalling firm Fluxys has joined the Stade LNG project, “which will establish an LNG and future energy terminal in Hamburg, Germany by 2026” Fluxys said.

Stade LNG will import LNG for the German gas market, which is the largest in Europe, and the partners plan to make other energy sources available in future such as hydrogen and bio-LNG, to contribute to the energy transition. 

Fluxys CEO Pascal De Buck said: “The Stade LNG terminal is set to be a key enabler of Germany’s energy transition by creating an additional energy entry gate for LNG and low carbon gases with clean operations integrated in the Stade industrial cluster. We look forward to joining our partners in the project and are keen to support the terminal’s development with our industrial and commercial expertise.”

The project is being developed by the Hanseatic Energy Hub, a company set up specifically for the terminal with in-house LNG infrastructure, energy and port specialists. The Hanseatic Energy Hub is also seeking expert partners, like Fluxys, which will join the project as the terminal operator.

The terminal will be a distribution hub via rail, road, small LNG ships and barges, and will offer LNG as a shipping fuel. It will be located in a chemical industry cluster – Fluxys said the near-zero carbon footprint LNG terminal will use excess heat from local industry for the regasification process.

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9th March 2021