Emerson’s Rosemount TankMaster mobile inventory management software is scheduled to be released in April 2021.

It is a web-based app optimised to work seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is easy to use and provides instant inventory overview as well as quick access to tank details.

For tank farm operators, inventory data is critical to run efficiently. All the way from accepting orders, receiving shipments and filling and emptying tanks to closing books at the end of each month.

Emerson said: “Inventory status is what underpins operations and business decisions. Modern inventory management software enables more people to access information they need by providing live data at any time, and any place.”

It added: “Gone are the days of siloed information that would not reach outside of the tank farm control room. Instead, shared inventory insight provides the opportunity to increase efficiency, drive productivity and improve communication throughout the supply chain.”

Emerson’s manager of software product management Mikael Inglund and manager of global business development Tomas Hasselgren will discuss this at StocExpo’s online conference. This conference will be held virtually on 16-17 March.

For more information visit www.stocexpo.com

12th February 2021