The Sustainable Impact Award at the annual Global Tank Storage Awards was given to Sprague Operating Resources LLC “for innovative application of thin-film solar panels”.

Sprague Energy was presented with the Sustainable Impact Award for its work on thin film solar panels applied to an oil tank – Sprague’s South Portland Terminal is home to the (first of its kind) solar storage tank. It said this marks the first time that thin film solar panels have been applied directly to the roof of a former oil storage tank.

Since the solar panel installation in the summer of 2017, the solar tank has been producing nearly 100,000 kWh of energy per year, which has helped to reduce the terminal’s operating costs, off-set non-renewable energy from the grid, and increase community support for additional development of solar storage tanks.

The Sustainable Impact Award is presented to a terminal or company that demonstrates its dedication to protecting the environment by introducing energy-efficient initiatives as well as implementing the latest procedures to prevent leaks and spills and/or minimise emissions. 

Jay Leduc, Managing Director of Sustainability, accepted the award on Sprague’s behalf. He said: “We are very excited to be acknowledged for our sustainability efforts. Knowing that the award was determined 50 per cent by industry voting, we thank our colleagues who supported and voted for us. It is an honour to accept this award, and we are excited to share the technology on a global scale.”

Sprague is currently working on applying the thin-film panels to two more storage tanks in Albany, New York, where they expect the new solar tanks to completely offset their annual electricity usage at the terminal.

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29th April 2020