Shand & Jurs has launched Expanda-Seal™, a “uniquely designed seal” which helps reduce vapour emissions, evaporation loss and odours in many process environments. 

The Expanda-Seal™ technology uses the internal storage tank pressure to inflate a diaphragm on the relief device creating a tighter seal the closer the pressure gets to the set point. While industry standards for pressure relieving vents can only maintain 1 SCFH at 90% of set point, Shand & Jurs’ Expanda-Seal™ technology flows are limited to a nearly “bubble tight” 0.5 SCFH at 95% of the set point, equating to 50% less vapour release.  

Available in a full range of sizes and soft goods, this design also helps prevent leaks caused by worn seating surfaces requiring less maintenance saving time and money. 

Shand & Jurs said Expanda-Seal™ is ideal for refineries, tank farms, terminals, sewage treatment plants, landfills, agricultural, or the food and beverage industries. 

The Expanda-Seal™ high-performance sealing technology can be used on your pressure and vacuum conservation vents and emergency vents to reduce emissions and inert gas cost. 

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22nd June 2020