The Gate terminal regasification plant in Rotterdam has again contracted the services of the SENER engineering and technology group, (one of the companies responsible for its turnkey construction in 2011).

This time, Gate terminal has contracted SENER to provide the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services needed for maintenance and improvement activities, scheduled for next year.

Under the new contract, SENER will “optimise the design to achieve more efficient operation and maintenance. Those modifications will improve the processes and optimise the times, as well as ensure the plant’s uninterrupted operation over the next decade.”

Antonio Parra, SENER project manager, said: “This contract is a demonstration of Gate terminal’s confidence in SENER’s solid practices, as a company that played a key role in its successful construction; in this sense, I should note that the Gate terminal has been operating since 2011, the year it was commissioned, with results above expectations and with no interruptions or unexpected outages.”

He added: “After ten years of collecting operational data, we are going to make adjustments to the plant’s configuration with a minimum impact on the service, which will improve its operating and maintenance processes for the next decade. We are proud to have been selected by Gate terminal for this work.”

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2nd November 2020