Completion of the second reactor base at Hinkley Point C has benefited from experience gained on the first identical unit – leading to significant increases in productivity.

Stuart Crooks, Managing Director, Hinkley Point C, said: “Our belief that we can do things better drives innovation at Hinkley Point C. As we build the first UK European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) we are learning and improving all the time. This is leading to improved productivity as we build Hinkley Point C’s second identical reactor. We will use that experience to underpin our plans for two more identical reactors at Sizewell C.”

In 2019, Hinkley Point C completed the base under the first reactor’s main buildings, a milestone it calls ‘J0’. It was the first time a European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) project had met this achievement on time.

Now, less than a year later and ahead of schedule, it has completed the same milestone on its second identical reactor, Unit 2. It said its teams have used the knowledge gained on Unit 1 to increase efficiency and productivity. 

EDF, CGN and contractors have also used innovation based on experience from other EPR projects and from the UK construction industry. Techniques like large- scale prefabrication and digitalisation are increasing predictability and reducing the hours needed for Unit 2’s construction. 

From Unit 1 to Unit 2, and for Units 3 and 4 at Sizewell C and beyond, it said it will continue to see tangible gains as it “uses replication and experience to drive innovation.”

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5th June 2020