Sarcos Robotics and MFE Rentals have announced a partnership that means MFE Rentals customers gain premier access to the award-winning Guardian® S robotic crawler system – a compact, multi-purpose remote visual inspection tool designed to traverse challenging terrain while maintaining real-time two-way video, voice and data communication.

The Guardian® S robot, which was created and built in the U.S., is designed to navigate unstructured and unpredictable environments that previously no other crawler had the capabilities to access. Its compact, low-profile design, slim form, and waterproof structure are optimal for inspecting narrow piping and traversing vertical ferromagnetic surfaces, stairs, tanks, and culverts. This technology will provide operators with a detailed view of the terrain, all while maintaining a safe distance.

As a Sarcos Robotics Official Rental and Resale Partner, MFE Rentals says the inclusion of the Guardian® S robot in its equipment arsenal will save MFE customers time and money. 

Susan Nulph, MFE Rentals Sales Manager, said: “The Guardian® S robot has six cameras and magnetic tracks so it can crawl up metal platforms and has unique features for traveling over obstacles. Its potential to save time and money while avoiding putting humans in areas they couldn’t or shouldn’t safely go is exceptional.”

Ideally suited for commercial, industrial, public safety, and defence applications, the Guardian® S robot delivers extended run times and long-range wireless operations, making inspections and remote surveillance safer and more effective than ever before.

Jim Ryder, Chief Revenue Officer of Sarcos Robotics, added: “We are pleased to be working with MFE Rentals as an Official Rental and Resale Partner of our Guardian® S robot. MFE Rentals has extensive knowledge and experience offering tools and services for industrial inspections, and we look forward to utilising their expertise and relationships to deploy the Guardian® S robot across a variety of industries for remote visual inspections.”

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15th July 2020