15.02.16. Rubis Terminal’s overall storage revenues edged up by 0.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015. Over the full year, consolidated storage revenue totalled €129 million, a decline of 2 percent.
In France the petroleum business, which represents 77 percent of total billings in the country, was virtually stable during the period (-0.3 percent) in a broader French market where consumption of petroleum products was down generally by 2 percent.
Among other products, which together represent 23 percent of billings in France, fertiliser and heavy fuel oil enjoyed a favourable trend (+20 percent) while chemicals, molasses and oilseeds together fell by 20 percent. A catch-up is expected in chemicals in 2016 in connection with the marketing of capacity that was idle in 2015.
Outside France, the Rotterdam terminal recorded revenue growth of 15 percent, with a strong performance in chemicals storage (+7 percent), while heavy fuel oil revenues increased by 3 percent (excluding exceptional income).
The Antwerp and Ceyhan (Turkey) terminals recorded growth of 2 percent. Total chemicals revenue in Northern Europe increased by 5 percent, “reflecting the sector’s robust momentum” in this region.
Over the same period, wholesale revenue totalled were down at €41 million (€165 million over the full year), with no impact on earnings.

15th February 2016