During the Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled to be held on 21 April 2021, Royal Vopak said it will propose to appoint Richard Hookway as member of the supervisory board.

It said as per the same date and in accordance with the resignation schedule, Mr Zwitserloot will step down from the supervisory board, as he has reached his maximum term.

Vopak said Richard Hookway is a highly experienced executive having run global businesses in executive roles in energy industries with Centrica and before that with BP where he “transformed IT delivery and commenced the digitisation of the firm”.

It added that he has gained a deep understanding of strategy, financial and risk management and IT/digital with an in-depth knowledge of business development and industrial transformation processes.

Vopak said: “The appointment will further support the supervisory board and bring in additional energy markets and digital expertise. His leadership skills and multicultural expertise are valuable personal assets supporting the nomination.”

The formal notice of the AGM, the agenda and the shareholders circular will become available on the Vopak website in due course.

For more information visit www.vopak.com

1st October 2020