Rangeland Energy III has commenced operations at its STEPS terminal located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Rangeland also announced that in June the company will start loading diesel in rail tank cars for a leading customer in the refined products industry. The diesel will be delivered to a third party with terminals in Mexico using the rail system of Kansas City Southern Railways.

“Rangeland will be facilitating the transportation of diesel to different destinations in Mexico for an important member of the petroleum industry,” said President Christopher Keene. “This is our first client in the STEPS terminal. As we continue to develop our terminal, we will keep in touch with other important players in the Mexican market, refineries and oil companies, and offer STEPS product delivery and reception services.”

STEPS is an integrated hydrocarbon logistics system that receives and stores refined products, LPG and other hydrocarbons at a central terminal and transports them to terminals mainly in Mexico. During the initial phase of the project, refined products and LPG will be received at the Corpus Christi terminal and then shipped to third party terminals in Mexico. In future phases, maritime terminals in Corpus Christi and in Mexico will be added to the system, along with the infrastructure to accommodate additional products including crude oil, condensates and fuel oil. The STEPS project is expanded using the experience of Rangeland developing infrastructure and similar projects in areas such as the Bakken Shale and Permian Basin. 

The terminal in Corpus Christi is strategically located along the Kansas City Southern Railroad, eight kilometres from the Port of Corpus Christi and the refineries of Valero, CITGO and Flint Hills. Products that enter will initially be delivered by truck-tank or rail tank car, followed in the future by pipelines and barges. Refined products and LPG will be delivered outside the STEPS terminal mainly by rail tank, but the terminal will eventually be able to connect to pipelines and maritime terminals in the future.

For more information, visit: www.rangelandenergy.com

18th June 2018