Puma Energy has opened one of the world’s largest conventional buoy mooring systems (CBM) in Luanda Bay, Angola. The fuel loading buoy anchored offshore serves as a strategic mooring point for Africa and will allow a wide range of carriers to berth while loading or offloading oil product.


The new CBM is located next to Puma Energy’s Fishing Port Terminal in Luanda Bay, which is currently being extended and will have a total storage capacity of 276,000 cbm.


The CBM meets Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) standards and can accommodate vessels up to 225,000 dwt with a draft restriction of 19.3m. It has bi-directional flow and a nominal product transfer rate of 4,000 cbm per hour on both lines. The mooring buoys are fitted with navigational aids to assist with effective, safer and environmentally friendly tanker loading and berthing.


Puma Energy says the result will make Angola’s Fishing Port Terminal a key site securing the supply of energy to and from Angola and Africa during a period of high demand for energy products.



29th April 2015