Puma Energy, the global integrated midstream and downstream energy company, celebrates the completion of its Rostov Airport fuelling facility; built specifically to supply the new Platov International Airport in Russia.

Officially opened in December 2017, the new airport, situated 40km from Rostov-on-Don, replaces the “old” Rostov airport which was no longer able to meet the demands of a major transport hub for the capital of the Southern Federal District of Russia. Platov International Airport is set to become a major international gateway during the 2018 World Cup; for which Rostov-on-Don is a host city. It has already served almost 653,000 passengers in its first full three months and is predicted to reach three million by the end of 2018.

Puma Energy’s Rostov fuelling facility has been constructed to serve the airport within its grounds, with a storage capacity of up to 8,900m³, ensuring the airport can meet increase fuel requirements during peak travel times such as the World Cup. Additional space is also available to increase storage capacity by a further 50%, in line with predicted passenger growth over time.

“This state of the art fuelling facility uses the latest technology to ensure that airlines have a reliable supply of high quality fuel handled to international safety standards; not just during the World Cup but as the region continues to benefit from the expanded airport capacity,” explained, Seamus Kilgallon, Global Head of Aviation, Puma Energy. “It’s equipped with high-speed fuel receiving and distribution modules, a fuel pump station which enables tank-to-tank transfer, and four new refueller trucks with lifting platforms, allowing the fuelling of any type of aircraft at a speed of up to 2,400 litres per minute.”

All Puma Energy airport and into-plane operations conform to Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard into-plane fuelling procedures. The facility is also home to a modern fuel quality control laboratory which allows Puma Energy to run the 14 key fuel analysis indicators to guarantee that the jet fuel is clear, bright and not contaminated by water.

“With hundreds of thousands of football fans due to travel into Russia to enjoy the FIFA 2018 World Cup in June, we’re thrilled that we have been able to construct this facility to the highest standard in the shortest time frame possible. All airlines using Platov International Airport will have access to high quality aviation fuel, enabling us to welcome a huge increase in visitor numbers,” continued Seamus.

For more information, visit: www.pumaenergy.com

29th June 2018

29th June 2018