Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria has a long history of poor quality and inconsistent fuel supply, in part down to strict regulation on what can be imported. Puma Aviation and CITA Petroleum have joined forces to address this problem. 

Through the partnership Puma Aviation will increase fuel availability, security of supply and airline refuelling standards.

“As Nigeria’s leading aviation fuel distributor, I can say without doubt that the single biggest problem holding the region’s aviation market back is fuel supply,” explained Olasimbo Betiky, Chief Operating Officer, CITA Petroleum. “CITA already has a large network, operating in 12 airports across the country, and by joining forces with Puma Aviation to guarantee supply of quality product, we’re going to create a seamless supply chain from the refinery to the aircraft. This kind of unparalleled energy efficiency is exactly what the new world businesses forging Nigeria’s economic growth need.”

Puma Aviation brings into this partnership key supply security of Jet A-1, with its trading arm providing the ability to consistently import jet cargoes.

“Nigeria is the beating economic heart of Africa and many believe what is achieved there illustrates what’s possible across the wider continent”, commented Seamus Kilgallon, Global Head of Aviation at Puma Energy. “Our investment in the market reinforces our commitment to Africa’s aviation industry, as we bring our unparalleled storage and transport network, high quality products and technical capabilities. We look forward to delivering an outstanding service to our airline customers.”

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24th September 2018