Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has granted and approved an initial 30-year port concession to SOCIEDAD PORTUARIA ENERGÉTICA MULTIPROPÓSITO Y CONTENEDORES PUERTO SOLO BUENAVENTURA SA (Puerto Solo), a wholly owned subsidiary of SeaOne Holdings LLC.

SeaOne is developing various projects for the delivery of US produced natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) to the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The Puerto Solo multi-use energy hub port project is located in the inner bay of Buenaventura, Colombia and is the region’s largest permitted Pacific coast energy hub and multi-use port development.

The Puerto Solo energy hub port complex will facilitate international trade and will receive, store and deliver low emissions fuel and critical energy supplies to the Pacific region of Colombia by providing natural gas, NGLs, and pipeline infrastructure to store and deliver 1.8 million bbl of fuels to the country’s commodity-constrained market.

In conjunction with the Puerto Solo port development, SeaOne affiliates are developing 228 MW of low emissions power generation (80 MW in Buenaventura and 148 MW in Pal Mira).

SeaOne chairman and CEO Forrest Hoglund said: “We are honoured and proud to be working seamlessly with the Colombian government to address this persistent impediment to growth and prosperity.

“The world-class energy hub we are developing at Buenaventura will allow for energy independence in the region and help ensure stability through the importation of clean, efficient, and sustainable fuels. SeaOne is providing a direct connection to the US natural gas and NGLs markets, ensuring long-term lower cost fuels for industry and power generation.”

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15th March 2021