Porthos is preparing a project to transport CO₂ from industry in the Port of Rotterdam and store it in empty gas fields beneath the North Sea. Porthos stands for ‘Port of Rotterdam CO₂ Transport Hub and Offshore Storage’.

Corne Boot, Head of Government Affairs, BP Netherlands, said: “This Rotterdam CCS project is a key enabler for our H-Vision project where we, together with the refineries of Shell and Exxon, look at ways to create hydrogen from our refinery gasses and use it as a fuel for our high temperature processes. This will lower our emissions significantly towards 2030.”

The Netherlands has clear climate objectives: the greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 49% in 2030 and by 95% in 2050, compared with 1990.

One way to achieve these climate objectives is to capture CO₂ for use or for storage underground, known as Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). The national coalition agreement and the national Climate Agreement underline the importance of CCUS for the energy transition.

For more information visit www.porthosco2.nl

26th June 2020