POTAC (Pin Oak) has acquired 236 acres near its terminal in Corpus Christi to further expand its operating capabilities.

The newly acquired site is situated adjacent to the Kansas City Southern (KCS) main rail line and Corpus Christi rail yard. The site can accommodate in excess of 10 million barrels of bulk liquids storage, as well as the construction and operation of a full unit train solution. Pin Oak plans to connect the site through a short distance pipeline to its main site on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, offering its customers additional tank capacity, as well as rail loading / unloading capabilities through an operational Union Pacific connection and the KCS.

Pin Oak’s main terminal is currently under construction, with brownfield expansion of more than two million barrels of crude storage, all supported by long-term third-party customer contracts.  The connection into the Gray Oak Pipeline is currently under construction and the terminal will be a necessary outlay for Permian and Eagle Ford crude. 

In addition to the crude oil storage and export capabilities, Pin Oak currently operates multiple pipeline connections to nearby refineries, nearly one million barrels of existing storage capacity, a polymer modified asphalt plant, rail loading and unloading facilities, and a truck rack. 

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15th January 2019

15th January 2019